Niste setari de baza Samsung Galaxy S5 pt android 6.01
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Autor:  gioni666 [ Mie Dec 28, 2016 7:24 pm ]
Subiectul mesajului:  Niste setari de baza Samsung Galaxy S5 pt android 6.01

Iaca și niște setări de bază. Le-am scris în engleză deoarece o să le postez și pe un blog
Stop Briefing if you not use
Press and hold left taste, select Home Screen Settings/Un tick Flipboard Briefing.

Go to More Networks / Nearby device scanning - put this one to off(it scan for Bluetooth devices even the Bluetooth is off)

Go to Location, if you use it put on Power saving and check this one periodically(it goes to high-accuracy by him self)
Under Improve accuracy stop WI-FI scanning(it will scan for wi-fi networks even the wi-fi is off)
Be aware, after use maps and need to go to high - accuracy, sometimes under Improve accuracy the wi-fi scanning go to "on" and need to put both back: Location to Power Saving and under Improve Accuracy/Wi-fi Scanning to off.

Smart Lock(you can find under Security) - Keep phone unlocked when is safe to you
If you use fingerprint is good to use on home. You can add Trusted Places(you need to have location on), On-body detection, Trusted Voice and Trusted Devices.

Safe to disable if you not use.
Under Application manager:
Google app
Google play books
Google play games
Google play music
Google play newsstand
Google +
Peel smart remote
S voice

Under Application manager click on the 3 dots on the right side and check Show sistem app, safe to disable if you not use:

Cine mai are nevoie de vreun help, sa intrebe, poate sunt in masura sa ajut.

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